Cannabis Valentine: Best Edibles for Your Sweetheart

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on edible goodies to delight your sweetheart. However, in the age of recreational legalization, discerning the best edibles from among the wide variety of products available can be a steep task. We’ve gathered together a few selections from our edible menu that are virtually guaranteed to impress almost anybody and contribute to a date night that is sweet and fun.

Best Edibles to Share with Your Sweetheart

cann lemon lavender best edibles

Cann Lemon Lavender Six-Pack

While drinks are not often considered in the context of edible products, Cann’s “Lemon Lavender” infused beverages are certainly worthy of attention. The drinks are exceedingly mild, containing only 2 mg of THC, making them some of the best edibles for inexperienced cannabis consumers who want a product for beginners to ease them into the world of THC-infused foodstuffs.

With a six-pack, these cans become perfect for sharing with a significant other, as their light buzz lends any get-together with a sense of relaxation and calm. Each can also contain a small amount of CBD, imbuing your sips with an extra dose of tranquility that will last for hours.

coda best edibles

Coda Mango and Chile Lime Gummies

Gummies are go-to edibles for many cannabis consumers and it’s not difficult to understand why. The smooth texture and fruity flavor of gummies cement them as well-suited vehicles for dosing THC, marking them as one of the most popular varieties of edible candies on the cannabis market.

Coda transforms the process of gummy confectionery into an artform, utilizing quality ingredients along with pure, clean cannabis to create their line of “Signature” products. In particular, these mango and chile lime gummies bring a unique heat to the tastebuds and pack an equally satisfying and heavy punch of THC at well over 100 mg per pack.

korova best edibles

Korova Chocolate Chip Mini Dip

There are few things more romantic than sharing a delicious cookie. Edible product manufacturer Korova offers one of the best edibles for those in search of a scrumptious infused baked good for pulling apart and passing to your partner. With 100 mg of THC contained in each cookie, Korova products are definitely not intended to be consumed in one sitting, so heed caution when dividing up your dose.

emerald best edibles

Emerald Sky – Wild Berry Gummies Indica

Gummies are a common edible treat, but Emerald Sky’s delicious Wild Berry Gummies help elevate the sweet. Similar to other high potency edible products, every bag contains 100 mg THC divided among ten individually wrapped morsels.

When dosing with Emerald Sky’s products, exercising patience can be important so as to avoid an unpleasant or uncomfortable experience. Set out a preferred dose ahead of time, and wait at least an hour to let its effects settle in before unwrapping your next candy.

At 2ONE2, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality cannabis products sourced from the best local growers and product manufacturers. Our expansive menu contains all of the edibles offered above, as well as pre-rolls, concentrates, cartridges, flower, and much more. Place your order now using our online dispensary menu.


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