Soothing Smokes: The Best Strains for Anxiety

One of the most powerful qualities of cannabis is the ability of certain strains to ease nerves and erase anxiety. For many cannabis users, just a few puffs of the right type of bud are capable of melting away even the harshest of stress. At 2ONE2, we offer some of the best strains for anxiety, with a variety of potent options available to suit any circumstance. Here are a few of our hand-picked selections that are virtually guaranteed to bring about a state of calm and tranquility.

4 of the Best Strains for Anxiety


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Gelato is one of the most well-known hybrids on the cannabis market, with a sweet flavor that does justice to its namesake. Crafted by splicing together the genetics of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, two strains with clout of their own among cannabis enthusiasts, Gelato is always a treat when enjoying alone or passing around with friends.

The strain possesses an average THC content of 17%, giving it a relatively mild high that is often reported to soothe the mind within a few minutes of inhaling Gelato smoke. While Gelato is considered a moderately powerful strain, however, smoking too much can still result in discomfort for inexperienced consumers, making it important to exercise patience during an encounter with this hybrid.

Sundae Driver

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Source: Weedmaps

Another dessert-themed strain, Sundae Driver tacks more toward a creamy flavor than the preceding Gelato. Dosing with Sundae Driver is a smooth experience, as its flower is easy to grind and burn, producing large amounts of smoke. Once inhaled, its indica-dominant nature begins to take effect, settling the body into a blissful state.

Blue Dream

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Blue Dream is a famous sativa-leaning hybrid strain that has made its mark among cannabis consumers for its delectable taste and easygoing, sedative effects. The origins of Blue Dream lie with the Blueberry strain, a classic of cannabis that has lent its genetics to a plethora of modern heavy hitters at dispensaries across America.

For most consumers, smoking Blue Dream is marked by an upbeat mood that eventually transitions into the ideal conditions to achieve a deep sleep. Both the mind and body are gently wrapped by the warm blanket of a Blue Dream high, making it an excellent option for those seeking the best strains for anxiety.


Best strains for anxiety 4
Source: Hytiva

With a curious name like Runtz, many consumers are at first unsure what to make of this unique strain. However, the lineage of Runtz has more prestige than many assume at first glance, owing its existence to the aforementioned Gelato strain, as well as the equally intriguing Zkittlez.  When burned, Runtz produces a flavorful smoke that is reminiscent of candy.

As one of the best strains for anxiety, Runtz works fast to dispel mental distress, producing a happy and often hungry high that is capable of persisting for an extended period of time. This makes Runtz not only an ideal selection for those dealing with anxiety but a potential solution for other issues like appetite loss as well.

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