Commitment to a Cause: Cannabis Companies That Give Back

In the age of recreational legalization, a truly vast number of cannabis brands line dispensary shelves. While there are many different cannabis companies to choose between, there are a few exceptional companies that have internalized an activist mission as part of their core identity. We’ve spotlighted a few laudable brands who have made giving back to the communities that support them an integral aspect of their business practices.

4 Cannabis Companies That Give Back

Ocean Cannabis

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Ocean Cannabis was founded by two avid volunteers and cannabis enthusiasts, Mary and Patrick Ersig, in 2013. Before they became cannabis entrepreneurs, the Ersigs committed their life to the assistance of others, becoming known in both Los Angeles and Detroit for their extensive work in helping the homeless.

When the Ersigs made their entrance into the cannabis industry, they brought with them the same spirit of helping others, devoting a key part of their business to the goal of supporting efforts to make the ocean cleaner. Every Ocean Cannabis product is packaged using fully recycled material, removing harmful plastics from the equation of their production process.

The Farmer and the Felon

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Another example of admirable cannabis companies, The Farmer and the Felon shines a light on the unfair history of cannabis prohibition. One component of their mission as a business is to spread awareness of the injustice historically perpetrated by authorities in the name of suppressing the growing, sale and use of cannabis products, and divert a portion of their funds to assisting cannabis offenders who continue to be prosecuted.

In a world where the government targets individuals as well as entire communities on the basis of attempting to police the use of a harmless, natural product, cannabis companies like The Farmer and the Felon speak truth to power. Likewise, the same passion they bring to their activist commitment is reflected in the fine quality of their flower and pre-roll offerings.

Cali Kosher

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Cali Kosher stands out among the milieu of cannabis businesses for its role in serving an underlooked niche within the wider community of consumers. As one of the only growers offering items that are certified kosher, Cali Kosher has become an integral partner in providing some Jewish cannabis enthusiasts with the products they need.

Alongside the service they provide to the Jewish community, Cali Kosher is renowned for their adherence to strict environmental standards. The EnvirOrganic requirements they meticulously follow guarantee that every product meets a uniform level of quality that is noticeable in comparison with other cannabis brands.

Glass House Farms

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With a similar reputation for their environmental practices, Glass House Farms has set about a template for treating its surrounding community with care and respect. From odor to light control, Glass House Farms has become a model for cannabis companies across the country who care about the impact their business has on the locale in which they operate.

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